[Bug 6089] Problem with RATWARE_EFROM test

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[Bug 6089] Problem with RATWARE_EFROM test


--- Comment #11 from RW <[hidden email]> ---
(In reply to Martin Korous from comment #7)

> Default score is 2.999.

That hasn't been the default for 5 months, since revision 1861328: "Ruleqa
scoring is broken, quick cleanup of worst scoring offenders".

> I dont know count of spams,but false positive are unpleasant.

The figures are 2 spams out 1.2 million and 0 ham out of 0.8 million.
Presumably because the SRS related FPs only show in ham on  messages sent to a
forwarder that come back to the same account.  

The spam hits on RATWARE_EFROM also hit __TO_EQ_FROM, so the likelihood is that
they were simply spams forwarded with the SRS that triggers the bug,  rather
than the list-cleaning VERP that the rule was supposed to detect. In that case
the stats should really be 0 spam and 0 ham.

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